Fire Pit Seating Area Design And Installation

When you want to combine functions and beauty, the result is simply gorgeous. A great example is this amazing fire pit seating area. The seating area was created and designed by Volker Bien of SePoint Arhitekta who gave this project a rustic look but, at the same time, created a modern and sleek space using natural materials. This unconventional seating area consists of a simple round stone fire pit and a table with chairs that form a ladder.

The fire pit has a modern design that reflects a modern aesthetic. It has a round stone tabletop and several perfect angles for admiring the landscape and the sea. This modern and sleek fire pit is modern and sleek, very practical and very stylish.

The fire pit area also includes a matching dining table. These chairs are 14.5 x 20.5 cm and they have a transparent glass top. The table also has drawer pulls and a rotisserie for easy transportation. The chairs average approximately 30 kg so you might wonder where the dressers come from. Well, they are all part of the same structure, from the same structure.

The fire pit area is inviting and cozy, very cozy and inviting. It would be best if you can find a small and enclosed patio or terrace with a free webbing and a comfortable seating area.

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