European Bathroom Vanity Collection From Noken

If you already have a bathroom vanity and you’re searching for a more modern and futuristic look, you should also check out this nice-looking wood vanity from Noken. It’s also a freestanding piece that can be installed on the wall and that can be very space-efficient when you don’t need it. What’s also nice is that you can choose a tub that you’re not using anyway. Also, vanity mounted on the wall, when you don’t need it, can be pretty nice.

The collection also includes this beautiful countertop bathroom vanity that could make a great extra storage space. In this case you can get it done in a relatively simple and elegant manner and you can even customize it using acrylic paint and a brush stamp kit. This vanity has a simple design and the key is finding the right design or color combination for your bathroom space. It would look good in luxury but it would also fit well in a more modern setting as well.

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