How To Make A Fire Bowl For The Fireplace

Fire bowls are nice and beautiful decorations. They are also very useful very quickly. If you plan to use them for the fireplace, then you might as well make a bowl out of paper so it can be more than 2 or 3 feet long. Fire bowls are usually a great decorations for the home and they are very beautiful as they are but they can also be used outdoors.

1. Outdoor fire bowls.

How To Make A Fire Bowl For The Fireplace Photo 2

Bowl fire bowls are perfect for the outdoor area. However, they are not exactly good-looking, just something that you can turn into an original decoration for your home. When you don’t plan to spend much time outdoors doing so, a simple DIY fire bowl like the one in the picture is perfect. In case you want to make one just like it you can just go look for a rectangular metal fire bowl, something small and simple that you can paint.

2. Outdoor fire table with glass top.

This fire table is ideal to be made of steel or any other material. It will not only look good but it will also protect you from the fire. Since it is made of glass it protects your firewood, protecting it from the sun and all the things around it. You will have a one sided fire bowl that protect the fire but also keeps it somewhere safe where you can easily find it.

3. DIY flower pot.

Since this is an outdoor fire table, a simple and ingenious way of having a piece indoors is to make a flower pot. All you have to do is wash the pot and let it dry then you can put a fire bowl of the like and also use it as a fire table. You can put in any words whatever you want. A fire flower pot is a beautiful flower, colorful and nice. It will certainly assure you comfort after a hot firework one.

4. DIY fire hanger.

If you really want to be creative and original, make a fire hanger for your fireplace. You don’t have to make it from scratch, but an old one and an old shelf or a cinder block can also work. You will need to cut the shelf in half and cut a handle at an angle.

5. Repurpose old papers.

Old papers are different from books. Books are fine but book vases and planks are not. So find some old papers and place them in a pot or on some shelf. Insert the planks and use them for making the fire. It will smell nice and be safe. Your guests will appreciate the effort and started enjoying the fire.

6. DIY flower pot.

If you really want to have a spark of green for your home, you can use lavender flowers. Place the pink lily in a vase and place the pink on top. Add some daisies and some dried flowers and enjoy the nice weather outside. It will make your outdoors too beautiful to stay inside, not to mention the coziness.

7. DIY Flower Table.

The design of this table proves that it should always be clean and fresh. You can paint the table and, again, personalize it and add a dash of color and comfort. First you need to gather the supplies: a clean table, some fresh flowers, spray paint and a pallet (pine veneer). You can find all the instructions and detailed step by step instructions on

8. DIY Flower Wall Art.

With these cute little petals you can create some beautiful wall art and also could use some family pictures to make it. To be more specific, you can use a photo of your loved one(s) and paint the whole thing on the wall. You could also tie these together using a bow. Depending on the photo or photo and the scale of work, the art can be for a black wall or a white one. You could also use a large scrapbook paper in order to make a beautiful frame for a mirror on the wall.

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