Water Feature Designs – Unusual Designs For A Bathroom

Just like in the case of restaurants these are even more difficult when it comes to bathroom fixtures and counters. The typical bathroom faucet design has to respond to a series of mechanical elements found inside the tub and in the sink or to a cabinet that covers the counter space and then to complement and beauty of the sink.

This design, for example, is not just something you might look for when shopping for a bathroom. The unit is also very versatile as it can be used in a lot of different settings, including interior designs and decors. It comes in several different colors and color combinations, some more subdued and other more vibrant and eye-catching.

For a bathroom that also serves as a living room or bedroom, a stylish design piece like the one featured here would be ideal. This particular design features a simple color palette centered around white which was combined here resulting in a chic gray shade with a modern vibe. The white marble countertop adds a nice touch to the whole room. Check out the full project on shinium.

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If privacy is not a big problem either, another elegant design idea can be found on Paxton. This time the design is quite different. The sink is placed inside a cabinet replacement but the cabinet and the cabinet itself are made of powder-coated steel. The black finish and the contrast between the black frame and the beautiful finish create a wonderful look.

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To make the most of your bathroom altogether as a separate space in the open floor plan, you can design the furniture in a similar way. A bedroom placed on a slightly elevated platform can accommodate a pair of bathroom cabinets, a set of bathroom seat and open shelves and a counter and sink with elegant wood accents and white countertops.

Designing your own bedroom furniture can be a lot of fun so check out the great design featured on Sugarandcloth. The headboard was made out of a pallet box. The cabinet sits next to the bed and the box is placed at the center of the wall, with a shelf on top and a handle at the bottom. You can also find various variations which you can mix and match based on the type of storage that you want to give out. Have fun personalizing the room.

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