Rustic Pedestal Sink From Bali – The Lapuna And Pyzel Stone Pedestal Sinks

With their great sculptural forms, sophisticated modern design and natural stone veins, the pale Lapuna and Pyzel stone pedestal sinks are outstanding allure and intrigue. They make a wonderful companions for the contemporary master bathroom. Based on the unique and exclusive stone features and unique blend of minerals, the modern Lapuna and Pyzel sinks are fantastic allure and intrigue. Formed from naturally occurring stone slabs, the sink is wonderfully aged, through time, stalactites, cracks and changes in color to create a unique and distinctive vessel. The dramatic stone finishes complement the gentle and charming form of the sink, bringing sensual beauty to the fixture. Each sink has been crafted by hand from 122 smooth and refined Venetian Dalms, aged with great care. A stunning statement sink for the modern vanity house, these stone-topped sinks convey the lavish and intimate chalman lifestyle. Vertigo washbasins supply the perfect complement to the Lapuna and Pyzel sinks. The extreme hand crafted details and exquisite layering of the stone furnishings ensure the dramatic appearance is still very real. Create an opulent yet understated palette for your private luxury spa. Substantial or more quaint, these stone-tiled sinks would complement a wide range of bathroom designs, from the classical to the minimalist, and bold choices – such as the faucets and sink from Hamran dhow.

Rustic Pedestal Sink From Bali – The Lapuna And Pyzel Stone Pedestal Sinks Photo 2

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