Light Grey Bathroom Faucets

Designers know to be very creative and to come up with new and innovative ideas in order to build up to date designs in order to get the most of the functionality they want for a specific user. But very few of them can be compared to the quality and the looks. However, designers rarely give creativity enough to take it over entirely.

This is a collection of faucets that would suggest the right name : the Light grey bathroom faucet collection by Daniele Lago. These delicate suspended faucets are made of chrome-glazed ceramic and abutting steel. The collection was designed for luxury en-suite bathrooms which are not intended for public spaces or demand to be fitted in a large and heavy furniture. Daniele Lago decided to go out of their way to go minimalistic and unconventional and to create the guaranteed ambiance and décor that Lima Modern Dreams is aiming for as a result.

The principle at is that comfort is first of all nonexistent and this is why the bathroom features and decorative elements that take over the room is this set of simple and clean lines and the use of very simple materials such as wood, glass or sheet materials. The materials used for this collection and the bathroom furniture often go back to the basics, incorporating the usual rustic and modern elements but still maintaining a simple and neutral palette.{found on dezeen}.

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