Small Pool House Floor Plans By Altea Lima

“In an area where the dimensions are larger than the houses in Merida, Mexico, Altea Lima creates the pool house.

A house designed for a young couple with one children, the pool house in Altea Peru is built on pillars, which give shape to the concrete slabs.The main idea of this project is the pool house, but the clients are also architects and this allows them to pass many landscape tests with flexibility and style. The pool house is conceived as a garden suspended on concrete slabs that / are suspended above the garden floor, resting on the rock of the hill, and therefore the space in the garden is increased. That space is completely independent and separate from all the utilities, lighting and services that are happening in the house.

The house has no masonry and the concrete slab facade that extends from the site to the neighboring lands.

Small Pool House Floor Plans By Altea Lima Photo 4

The ground level of the house is very simple, with a rock wall that anchors the house to the ground and an inner courtyard. Living room, dining room and kitchen are located in the upper level, all of which is considerably lower than the garage and the guest bedroom, which sits downstairs. The swimming pool, a few steps lower than the living room and a pantry at the back of the house complete the scale of the residence.

The combination of the vertical concrete slab walls, outdoor terraces and the usable area on the rooftop are perfect examples of the sustainable approach the clients are looking for.”

Photos by: FG+SG – Architectural Photography

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