Old Home Interior With A Modern Twist

In the case of this interior we’re necessarily in contrast with the beautiful terrace and garden. Nothing compares to a peaceful place where you can enjoy the outside beauty. Indeed, it’s a dream home and so it is supposed to be a place where everyone sits and talks, makes games and eats.

In order to obtain such a dream place, the architect chose a modern layout. The result was perfect. The house is functionally divided into separate functional zones. During the day, the hallway is the central space and it’s a transition space. At night, the hallway opens to a second dining area. The interior design is unexpected and, despite the rustic look, it’s warm and inviting.

The color palette is chose in a mix of natural wood tones and bright accents. The sofa is a key piece. It was designed using the Airstream trailer as well as some industrial pipes chunky welded in the edges. Interiors are spacious and functional. They feature open-plan living and that living room also includes a cozy kitchen with a sleek induction bed. The Airstream house never ceases to amaze us. It’s a dreamy contemporary retreat and a very cool house to have while sleeping.{found on dailymail}.

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