Modern Wood Deck Furniture From Mu Architecture

Even though it doesn’t seem so, the Pauly Deck Chair is actually very comfortable. It’s a wood deck inspired piece with a very nice and alluring look. The chair measures 40” in height, with a seat that’s almost 40” high and a frame that’s almost 40” long. The high-end look is given by the thin legs and overall slimmer overall proportions.

The overall dimensions of the Pauly Deck Chair are 55? L x 32? W x 28? H. When assembled, the wooden table is easy to transport and easy to put in your entryway. The chair is not included so you’ll just need to supply it. Several wood pieces can fit inside the chairs if you want to use them that way. You can also adjust the height and position of the table.

Those that prefer to be really personal might also like to opt for the deck chair set. It’s something that you can put in your hallway, living room, bedroom or basically any other room of the house. The deck chair has a very simple and casual design, with a curved shape and a wood frame and seat pad in brown laminate finish. The overall dimensions of the deck chair are 32” width x 78” depth x 80.5” height. The piece is sold in sets of two and you can buy them for $78.99.

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