Heart Shaped Wall Mirror

People discovered mirrors first as a way of having a proof of everything that is related to them and then they became artists, so they learned to create mirrors and liked them first and after they began their business they also became artists themselves. The first such mirror back in 2005 was a China cabinet that was meant to be put on the table. At that time the mirrors were made on the spot so everybody could see them and comprehending all the parts was a huge task for everyone. However, just after the cabinet was put back, a quick variant appeared, this time taking the shape of a key – a key. Given that this was a handcrafted product made in China, the mirror was designed in 2005 and it was an ingenious way of explaining the design. The key is made of brass and it has a very beautiful shiny exterior with round edges and a metallic shine to match the beauty of the back of the mirror.

Even though it might seem like a mano reo creation, the piece is actually a vintage inspired cabinet that features four large shelves. If you want to see how the mirror exterior went from beveled to intricate or if you want to see a complete tour you can complete the tour with a video on youtube. It can be yours for $2,300.00 and it will make a great piece to help you in the field of analyzing the world with your beautiful ornaments.Available from 753$.

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