Concrete Slab Houses An Industrial And Sophisticated Interior

A concrete slab is long and usually made of pipes and all sorts of materials. However, this doesn’t make it any less useful. In fact, we believe it’s a marvelous material for a home. Wondering how such a material could be made? It’s pretty simple actually. You just take an unfinished concrete slab, some fittings and you put it to good use. It can be an industrial look for a home, a rustic-industrial appeal for the house. However, there are limitations to this material and it’s important to understand what makes such a decision special and to be successful in this case.

Steel is the material chosen by Wolveridge Architects for this home which is located in Sydney, Australia. As a result, the house was constructed with reinforced concrete floors and an aluminum cantilevered walls for added stability and durability. Of course, the house hasn’t concrete floors installed throughout the floor plates but rather two pocket holes have been drilled in the corners of the units and they create a series of voids.

Located in Melbourne, Australia, after a four-storey project that aimed to build suburb houses, thelers tower measures approximately 360 square meters and it was completed in 2012. It’s a modern and sophisticated house with a low-density facade and a design focused on the views. Its interesting architecture and design are a result of a simple palette of materials which combined give the house a contemporary allure.

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