Compact House Plan With Three Facades, Perfect For A Small Family

This compact but also spacious house has three floors, one of which is occupied by an art gallery. The building is located in Gracia, California and was designed by California-based Marmol Radziner Architects. Not only that it was a project by Los Angeles-based firm Rosalio A. Schmidt, but another important aspect was the need to take advantage of the site’s unique features. The clients required a lot of space and flexibility. They wanted their new home to be easily and economically mobile, which is exactly what they wanted.

A series of challenges were taking into consideration including the noise and access requirements of the owners and the neighbors. Moreover, the project also needed to accommodate a family of four persons. The clients worked with Jorge Moser from T3 Architecture and together they created a modern home with strong contemporary elements and an open and spacious décor.

Compact House Plan With Three Facades, Perfect For A Small Family Photo 2

The house is conveniently located in the heart of Gracia which is also close to the City of Beverly Hills. The large trees surround the property and they can be admired from both inside and outdoor spaces. Also, the lush landscape and the pool area provide a relaxing and pleasant environment for this family. As for the actual structure of the house, the ground floor includes the garage, the guest suite, the kids’ bedrooms and the master suite. The upper floor features this timeless black and white interior and exterior shell along with fiber optic lighting.{pictures by Scott Frances and found on archdaily}.

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