Tv.stands Wall Unit With Built-in Storage

Anyone would like to have their own home and not only to use it occasionally like the owners do. Nowadays people try to expand their lives and to make the most of their existing home. Space becomes a priority no matter what kinds of homes adopt such as a pull-out sofa or a pull-out dining table.

The best place for a TV would theoretically be the living room. Here you get all the modern amenities that can later be found in your house without having to change the layout. This particular TV stand is particularly interesting. It can be crafted out of metal and it has a designed allure. It’s also available in three options.

You can either use it as a wall unit or you can offer it as a bedroom pinto or tri-fold console table. This attractive wall unit gives you the opportunity to create a cozy and chic interior by combining that with the fireplace mantel. The TV has been created by Julien De Smedt of skillful crafts who repurposed a wood parquet flooring parquet into shelving units. The floor merges gracefully with the wall and the result is highly charming.

Tv.stands Wall Unit With Built-in Storage Photo 3

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