Transitional Bathrooms By Aytac And KEA

This project is the result of the teamwork betweenanish asthma and FrenchMD and it proposes a redefinition of the bathroom.The idea is quite simple. Aytac and KEA propose to create a new concept of bathroom that will transform what’s our everyday routine. The project will replace the regular bathroom with a “new” one specifically designed for a specific lifestyle. The idea is more like a gallery. You will be able to see your artwork, decorations and what not and there will be an open space where you will have everything.

It’s a very ingenious idea. Even though the actual shape and the actual shape of the space are very different, the inspiration and the project don’t clash. It’s a new way of taking advantage of what was originally a regular bathroom design, something that was inspired by the citrus ceiling.

Transitional Bathrooms By Aytac And KEA Photo 2

Even though the main purpose is now a completely different one, the result is very interesting and interesting. This creative bathroom idea proposes a new concept based on completely new concepts. Even though it’s a very strange thing to do, there are lots of things that you could accomplish if you had this idea. For example, the floor would be painted.

Transitional Bathrooms By Aytac And KEA Photo 3

You could also add some curtains to make the room feel more airy and spacious and you could also use this as a storage space. You could store there towels, bathrobes, toothbrushes and other items. It’s a small but very functional solution. Moreover, you can use the space inside for something else like storage or a desk.{found on curbly}

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