Secto Designs A Sustainable Portable Pavilion Inside A Wood Smican

A small structure that you can use for storage is big and in many cases it’s not even mobile. It’s why locally-made structures are reliable and reliable even when they’re not designed like that. Today we found the perfect example. This is a portable pavilion that was designed by architect Greg Lynn and it’s called the Strand. The goal for this project was to create a space that would be portable.

The goal was to take advantage of the site’s unique qualities. This pavilion uses wood as a sandwich, making this a low structure. It also has a series of small rooms that can be used for recreation and that also serve as occasional offices. The idea was to try to make this a non-maintenance structure.

The structure was built from a massive wood structure. Inside it has white concrete walls and ceiling and floor. The flooring is made from birch plywood and it has protective acoustic coating. The walls and ceilings are covered with clay plaster. The pavilion uses water heating as well as solar heat as a means to keep things in check. The structure is quite small and it only has a total of 5 square meters. Inside it this is everything its owners wanted. It has a sleek modern design, a versatile orientation that can be easily relocated. It serves as a medium meeting space and it has a sleek minimalist design.

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