Modern Tile Backsplashes By Ceramica Cielo

If you love the warmth and look of wood combined with the functionality of stone (or other stones) it is time to watch how the wood has turned into an icon of timeless beauty. Ceramica Cielo presents us a cutie.You can choose from some other wood projects which reflect this inspiring natural warmth and natural rustic charm. With careful choice of materials it is easy to embellish your home with the fewest furnishings that you need. Here are a few tips which can help you create a beautiful wood backsplash for your interior as well.

Upholstered or covered tiles are a must. With them you can not only enhance the natural warmth of the wood but also the luxuriousness and charm it can bring to an interior. Take a thick and rough wood with nailheads and paint the wood retaining the needed imperfection and texture. The nails allow you to create custom nooks and corners for the tiles. For a balanced look obtain a straight, uninterrupted surface.

You can use large cutouts and shallow spaces to create outlets for small appliances or dishwasher taps. The tub gets its own sink station so each person can express their creativity. The glass covers the large opening. The wood gives the entire unit an airy look.{found on bellamjourne}.

But if the wood and stoneware you have chosen is imperfect and maybe too pale, you can use wood stain. The areas where you want to use the stringer will also have to be painted. This way each tub will be unique. It’s a great way of attracting attention and a way to make small appliances or products stand out in the décor while also having a charming piece in the same time.{found on theuncommonlaw}.

You can also use marble contact paper and heat stains to give the kitchen a particularly charming look. In this case, each side of the marble contact paper and the stoneware used for the base would be an eye-catching design element. It’s a look that suits traditional, traditional but also modern homes, in general.

Marble contact paper used for the backsplash is simple and in this case it has an asymmetrical design. Those tiny square tiles are not organized horizontally although that would be too much. To make them the center of attention you could use a thinner line in the shape of a triangle. The contact paper should have a square shape. You can actually make these tiles yourself and they should be just slightly smaller than the contact paper in the case of an open plan kitchen.

You know what else you could use for your kitchen backsplash? A cheese board. It’s a very useful thing to do for outdoor areas such as patios, decks and terraces. To make one of these concrete backsplash tiles you’ll need a square concrete tile which is bigger than the tiles and dries in about 24 hours. You’ll also have to cut the contact paper and stain the contact paper as well if you want to give it a dark look.

You know how paint can have a texture and a practical use? Again, you’ll be using a brush and you can apply it to marble contact tiles. You’ll have to cut the contact paper to size. The smaller ones can be sanded and arranged in the pattern of your choice. You can make the tiles yourself and you can use patterns and other designs. You can find a detailed tutorial for this project on thewaterpaper if you need some pointers.

You only need a marble contact paper or felt and a marble plate or bowl for this project. To make things even easier, you can make some of these cute things yourself using a utility knife. It’s a very simple thing to do plus it’s quite affordable and can be done in just a few minutes.

The whole project is also really simple. Check out betweennapsontheporch for more inspiration. We love how simple and transparent this design was. The actual blocks are made of marble contact paper and this ensures a uniform look throughout.

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