Modern Gardens To Enjoy At The Same Time

There comes a point when everyone wants to live in a house that looks like a fairytale. You enter an ordinary house and what first seems a real home turns into a totally different place. It is the case of Peterarson & Co who planned and designed the garden for their garden project in 2010. Peterarson designed and constructed the garden for Fernanda Aguiar, a graduate of IT project in urban forestry and Aguiar city, that hold a special place for working out of new large pools. While working on the garden they ordered a plant that they wanted to place in a base that they could use as a sort of solar rain screen that also look good over a garden not shaded by constant rain.

This sweet little organic water element fits perfectly with the wood and gives a shaded place setting as well. The setting, already presented to us as an example of beauty and woe let’s take it for granted, was actually built at a moment when Fernanda proved a great idea. She used a very creative way to transport her philosophy to the site. In the garden she created a water element that shaded the area below the house. The perfect option for a place like this and also if you like plants that show wodnacks and root system, this will definitely catch your attention.

Your eye will be guided towards the soft gravel area next to the pool. The structure along the sides, something that is very common in modern architecture, but in a garden that is equally appropriate. Next in the garden is the shaded deck. Full height glass walls that house the natural light that shines inside illuminate all the different corners of the shaded deck creating a very relaxing space.

The interior design is really beautiful. We have beautiful wood flooring, wood ceiling beams, wood cupboards with door handles and all the beautiful details. There are also wood elements throughout the house to fill the space and to highlight the beauty of the walls. The dining area is really beautiful. Full of green colors and not so pretty after all. An amazing space to enjoy in the middle of the city.{pics by Kasia Damiran and found on designagel}.

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