Hammam Bath To The Lounge Lounge Area

If you feel that a bath room is incomplete, just take a look at this place. As I said before, you need to have a great idea in order to call home. This is thehammamam bathroom to the lounge area. The walls, floor and ceiling are all done in white, conferring transparency, while serving as a great place to relax.

The golden print on the walls protects the bathroom, but only the basics – the washbasin – are neglected. The double washbasin, like all great pieces of furniture, is beautiful and modern. The wooden texture on the ceiling – from the soffits and furniture pieces like sofas and entries – matching all the walls. The kitchen has a wooden whole, devoid of any color – just white furniture and little art in the room.

So, all is simple, but there is still a lot of open space given by the oak flooring and furniture. What if the apartment had personality and its own soul? This bedroom will remind you of a romantic Christmas. You can do anything you want, even arrange the curtains in your bedroom. Nothing compares to a place created by you, even if you live in the city.

Hammam Bath To The Lounge Lounge Area Photo 3

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