Contemporary Modern Area Rugs By Oceana Lima

Located in southern Spain, this collection of rugs was designed by Oceana Lima for Portuguese brand Sonia Enright.

The rugs are simple and elegant, with smooth patterns and very soft edges.

Contemporary Modern Area Rugs By Oceana Lima Photo 2

Contemporary modern area rugs by Oceana Peru:

“Selected in 2008 Interior Designer Ros due to its clean lines and modern dimensions.

After his successful merger of Alexandre Galtieri and Sergio Tomás the modern minimalist designed a project called contemporary modular area rugs.

Selected in Brasil.

Selection of a bright color and sober fabrics in nylon ropes was not easy process but architect managed to achieve this visual effect. The same thing can be said about modular area rugs.

Made of large hand-knotted lino rubber, these rugs have a very modern shape and they will perfectly integrate in a rustic décor.”

Photos by: David Maétonare

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