Farm House Interior Design In California For Sale

This beautiful house is located in Millerton, California. It’s a 4-bedroom, 4 bathroom house and it was designed by Dow Jones. It’s a 4,800 square feet home and it features functionally interior. The house sits on a large farm on one side of a 20 acre. The house has many smaller houses on the east and west sides. However, this one manages to avoid them all and to offer a timeless living environment.

The house has large windows and an expansive Indiana limestone facade. It also features a beautiful courtyard.The 3 bedroom, 4 bathroom house covers a budget of around $200,000. It sits on a one acre lot on the west coast of California. It sits next to a private beach and it’s an oceanfront property. The residence also benefits from a gorgeous and panoramic view. The houses are oriented towards east, near all the beautiful coastline, and they have rock gardens and a beach at the back. They offer privacy and they have an overall romantic look, despite their large scale.

The property includes a guest house, a pool house, an infinity pool house, a bistro pavilion and a tennis court. Moreover, the residence covers a surface of approximately 4,800 square feet. It’s a 4-bedroom 3-car garage and it’s currently on the market at $7,900,000. The residence is accessed through a private landing and leads to a spacious foyer.

Farm House Interior Design In California For Sale Photo 3

The entrance offers access to the main living area. The living room is spacious and has a large window section that opens onto a large terrace protected by the exterior cantilever roof overhang. The living room is also opened onto a large terrace overlooking the water views. The kitchen is as spacious as the living room and features a large island, a professional chef’s kitchen, a large refrigerator, worktops and work surfaces and work surfaces for more storage space and more workspace. There are two separate bedrooms and a master suite. One is located in a lower room and has a large walk-in closet and a full bath while the other is in the upper room.

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