Edison Light Bulb Chandelier By Pierre Yovan

Modern times bring new designs and unexpected solutions to every problem. The light bulbs are given a very special place because of Pierre Yovan’s recycling project that was in the same genre. The light bulb chandelier I propose is one of the most interesting light pendants I’ve ever seen. The chandelier is made from three branches connected with cords. The light bulbs are only to be used with this model.

The three branches are in fact not only interesting light fixtures for the ceiling of a living room, but also for the legs of a bedroom. The Yovan chandelier can be bought for $325, although other types are also available. As you can see, it has a very simple design, the basic shape is in fact inspired by that of the light belt inspired designs. The chandelier would look very beautiful in a bedroom, above a bed or in front of the window. The versatile design allows it to be included in a large variety of decors.

Edison Light Bulb Chandelier By Pierre Yovan Photo 3

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