Alvaro Siza House By A-cero

Spanish architectural firm A-cero has completed the Alvaro House project in Galicia. The house is located in Calpe Nara, a residential area of A Coricchio District in the province of A Coricchio, which is part of the major construction of the new house. The plot dimensions are L 5 x 20,5 x 25,5 meters and land area is 7,547,7 sqf.

The house is supported on two concrete columns that rise from the lot in all rooms, neither of which was used as a covering during winter. And it definitely looks like it has been taken from a Cadiz project, a construction which protects the building during the short time it’s still in the construction. It has two interior gardens at its sides and a swimming pool in the courtyard. Its exterior is done with brick walls covered in white stone.

Its tall walls accessorize the lot with beautiful and elegant planters that allow the entrance of fresh air and lively air in the courtyard in the spring and summer. The tall ceilings and the glass roof at its corners create a continuity between the rooms of the house and allow to articulate the spaces in different ways.

Its internal stairs are lined with a self-supporting brick wall that finishes the project in a delicate way. Its bottom rail supporting the stairs is made of two distinct parts. The one on either side is folded on center, its being a vertical line that serves as a frame for the carport.

The covered garage is finished in white concrete and consists of a series of small concrete columns. It is the only part of the house that is unified with the social area of the building at street level, at the bottom of the site.

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