Wood Style Tile And Wood Veneer Kitchen Faucet

Stone is a beautiful material and a great material to be used in interior design. Wood is also warm and welcoming and it offers the best of both. It can create a warm atmosphere and a pleasant décor. This wooden kitchen faucet has a modern and simple design that proposes a simple design with clean lines and some traditional features. The subtle finish and the natural grain of the wood combined with the finish look like a natural stone mixture.

This is a simple and stylish piece of furniture that would look equally well in a traditional, traditional, modern or contemporary kitchen. It has a simple but versatile design and it could look equally beautiful in both traditional and modern homes. Its overall dimensions are 71.5? wide x 25? deep x 35? high and it can be purchased at the price of $1,000.

The console features a hand-padded base and a varnished white finish. It also features a tapestry hand painting and the writing on timber. The natural tones of the wood add warmth to the design. It comes in two sizes: medium (9 cm) /23 cm /28 cm /16? and small (9 cm) /21 cm /15?. Even though the price varies between the sale price and the price of the console and the online purchasing price, the customization price is not included in the purchasing price.Available for $1,300.

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