White Grey Backsplash – The White Backdrop For This Kitchen Against A Backdrop Of Wood

If you love white tones but want something a bit more minimalist, there is a bright kitchen set to match your white cabinets. The V-Motion feature in the background creates moving shadow patterns across the white surface ideally during daytime. The clear tempered glass top can be pushed up against the wall to raise the kitchen design to the height of the cabinets. Multiple white LED lights illuminate the sockets and the back of the stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, so the effect is bright and inspiring. For more minimalist designs, the Bose kitchen faucet by Dornbracht features white waterfall controls and a single stainless steel spout. The faucet is also available in the choice black or white version. Steven Atelier Architectural Interiors brings a splash of white on the stainless steel backsplash and the Net, a sleek counter span extending from the wall of glossy white kitchen cabinets. Offred with a dramatic stainless steel finish, the appliances mean this faucet is not only long-lasting, but long-lasting too. All white or black, green is a color that suits green and white well. This pantry was clearly designed with popular appliance brands in mind. Steven Atelier Architectural Interiors

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