Soft Sofas Designed With A Twist

The sofa is usually the central piece of furniture from a living room. There are numerous types of designs to choose from. The first sofa we’re going to present you a little bit in terms of design. It’s an unconventional sofa, very unconventional and very fun.

The Vis à l’A sofa was designed by Fernando Bertrand and Anne Broder. It’s not actually a sofa you can see in person. Vis à l’A is a new and contemporary design that was created using the Visè Natureé wall system. It’s a very interesting and innovative piece of furniture. The Vis à l’A sofa features a very interesting and eye-catching design. The sofa’s clean shape is reminiscent of a high point of stargitters and the details and decorations that surround it reflect this trend perfectly.

The Vis à l’A sofa was the creation of designers Terry Weidner and Ramón Weidner. It’s a very creative and innovative combination and the result was a very unusual piece. The sofa has an extremely simple design. It features a rectangular shape complemented by further connecting elements. Simple wooden legs are sticking out of the edge of the seat cushion. Simple rectangular pieces of wood are placed on top of the pieces of wood. They keep everything simple and elegant and also allows the whole piece to combine in a very natural way.

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