Shaes Of Blue Stones In Indoor Décor

My children love stone things and I think they do too. It’s amazing how some things work like stone in their natural form and there are still some creative artists who thought of reusing this raw material and turning it into something functional like a table with handles.

My little girl could not so much express her thoughts on these things so I tried to find some solutions for her purposes as well. It’s exactly what the kids need most of all for this collection. It’s a series called The Blue Stone Collection and it includes brushes and plasters made of ceramics. The brushes are shaped like stones and they are available in two versions and three materials: carbon fiber, silicone and nylon. The plasters are made of wood and they can also be made of porcelain.

All the items presented here are based on the ideas of the kids and on the geometrical shape of stones, but they are presented in an environment that wants to be free of wood and other natural materials.So, if you are a nostalgic person who loves recycling things and rolling vintage things, you can use the pieces for your interior design. You can paint them yourself or you can choose to have a wall of these pieces painted.

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Shaes Of Blue Stones In Indoor Décor Photo 5

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