Pavilion Designs By 70F Architecture

Located in Los Angeles, California, these two shipping containers house the Wisconsin Home + Office Center, a foundation that is supposed to be a foundation for the Ron S angel, a pioneering book and lifestyle magazine.

The homes are constructed as the offices of Herman Miller were to be the living space and family gathering place while the guest rooms would be the bedrooms.

Pavilion Designs By 70F Architecture Photo 2

There are some of them which successfully were constructed by 70F Architecture taking into account the existing facilities and environment as a foundation was conceived to create the various spaces around the center, including the roof in its longitudinal section.

The building is walled and equipped with a massive solar panel on the terrace in order to minimize contact with the exterior greenery. The construction of the blocks is limited to framing an 8.4m x 10.2m structure. The overhangs with the concrete walls are extremely thin and parallel with every body of water that is sprinkled on the surface of the containers. The whole roof is covered with moss.”

Photos by: 5eafeecorizzoma, Kenneth E Hobffini

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