Paris Black House In Brazil With Incredible Views

Sometimes it’s difficult to work with certain designs. For example, there was a time when immmening itself with luxury and beauty. However, today that model is no longer an option. It’s becoming increasingly rare to find luxury homes that match so much as the level of sophistication and the chicness. People are finally more willing to live with those views that surround them.

This contemporary paris house definitely knows how to combine luxury with creativity. The house was designed by Bernardes Arquitetura and is surrounded by countryside. The location is very beautiful but this also has its own challenges. The architects had to use many strategies when embracing the concept of light. They used a lot of glass in order to offer unobstructed views but to also design the house with strong internal volumes.

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The par shares a strong connection with the outdoors and the materials used, especially the glass, help create a strong connection between the house and nature. The exterior is also very peaceful and tranquil. The par shares a minimalist, contemporary design with simple and clean lines, sharp angles and neutral colors. The interior is very bright and filled with natural light. The rooms are bright and have large windows that offer unobstructed views while also allowing cross ventilation to be added to the whole atmosphere. This makes the house the perfect retreat for holydays holydays homes.

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In addition to those, impressive looking exteriors for the par share for this holyday home. They also come with the promise of offering the perfect ambiance for gatherings. The sitting area looks particularly inviting and beautiful. The house has high ceilings throughout and the high glass walls illuminate the room invitingly. The par shares similar characteristics as well.

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An unmistakable modern design. It’s not about the individual details or finishes but about the overall shape, modern and simple, bright colors and crisp, clean lines. The layout was chosen to offer the best views, the main concern when choosing the distribution and the distribution of the spaces.

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