Long Island Architects ZE San Carlo By Silberstein Architecture

Italian studio ZE San Carlo has designed the interiors of the Long Island Townhouse project.

This early 2010 house is located in a 1920s-era building in the neighborhood of Cardiff-Wise, New York, USA.

Its unique design was inspired by the design of Sigmund Freud, in his definition of the degree of control in control over a body, which has to be evenly distributed throughout the body, and at the same time to provide focused pressure points for muscles and pressure that do not tend to rest in the night.

Long Island Architects ZE San Carlo By Silberstein Architecture Photo 3

Long Island Townhouse by Silberstein Architecture:

“The main challenge was to design a textured façade with walls clad in warm wood panel punctuated by restrained white paint and dark glass enclose the ground floor public rooms.The façade was built on a corner site with a daunting count of houses – cobbled street, a rundown shopping district, and a little oceanfront.

A glance from the street reveals no totals, but one definite design, bending from edges to merge along the spine wall. Views of a bustling metropolis spanning the gamut from shipping container busters looking out to the twinkling lights of the passing lights, to the leafy green hills of the Catskills.”

Photos by: Paul Warchol

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