Kilim Area Rugs

Korean studio Nyman Daerjos architects designed some very beautiful area rugs for the Korean coffee shop Kilim.The vibrant colors and the colorful patterns turn your room into an eclectic mix of colorful and pleasant. This means that you don’t need to be a very bold person to find these patterns. Here are some simple models that will help you along the same path.

These rugs would look lovely in a stylish and modern living room, maybe set against a simple white wall. They feature bright colors and are covered with foam vinyl. The rugs would neutralize sunlight easily so feel free to personalize them and / if you want you can paint them yourself. This way you get to choose the type of fabric you like or the color and design. You’ll get a nice collection that will suit most homes and adding some colorful stripes is a good idea that will help you create a relaxing atmosphere.

These rugs would look best in the bedroom or in any other room that might have some kind of architectural design.They are simple but very eye-catching and artistic, the kind that you can use to create a romantic and stylish décor for your bedroom. Now that you know what a rug is, how about trying to combine it with a more elegant piece of furniture? That would be a very successful combination. Also, you can take advantage of the shape and the dimensions of the rug to hide or include something beautiful into your décor.

Kilim Area Rugs Photo 4

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