Contemporary Deck House In Portugal By Paulo Quartilho

If you’re currently building plans for your own home, you should have a look at this gorgeous house designed by Brazil-based Paulo Quartilho. Completed in 2012, this lovely house is located in Nova Lima, a city in the Minas Gerais state in the region of Minas Gerais. The architect, also a structural engineer and carpenter, was hired to design and build the tower house, a geometrically complex structure consisting of three buildings.

The purpose of the construction was to enhance the perceived quality of the environmental of the building and to create better links between indoor and outdoor living. The construction, in this case, incorporated a green roof and an air-handy aspect. Moreover, it also integrated a wooden deck conceived to become a space for socialization but also a great outdoor deck, perfect for spending time together or relaxing on sunny days.

The interior is surprisingly spacious and bright, with small but fresh decorations and art pieces. The concrete floors are still standing throughout the house, each room giving its own character and texture. The furniture is simple, industrial-looking and only includes a few pieces. However, this doesn’t mean it’s not inviting or attractive.{pics by Severin}.

Contemporary Deck House In Portugal By Paulo Quartilho Photo 3

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