Small Soaker Tub, A Nice Solution For Claustrophobic Baths

Clutter is a permanent problem and for the owners of small bathrooms the solution is usually very simple. There’s always more than what’s necessary and, if there’s not enough space inside then the whole space warms up. One very good solution for such claustrophobic baths is the small soaking tub. It’s always used as a bathtub, usually attached to the bathroom wall. It’s always a good idea to keep it simple and white.

It’s exactly what the bathtub is for. In this bathroom the small tub sits inside a wall unit. The unit also goes inside the wall and so does the vanity. It’s not very practical or easy to operate, even if it’s small. In fact, standard bathroom vanities have smaller versions and some even look like compact cubes. This one is a very beautiful and modern bathtub, perfect for spa bathrooms. It’s small and also has a modern and simple design.

The tub is made from a combination of walnut, white marble and myriads of Carrara marble. The overall dimensions of this tub are 35’’w x 11’’d x 32’’h. You can dim the water temperature with a switch, provided in the box and it will not set the temperature for the bathtub. The marble used for the bathtub is not new. It has the same smooth curves and bends that are unique to all designs. The marble also has a natural brown finish which varies from ebony to black.

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