Open Closet Shelves With Hanging Racks

Closets and closets used to be two exclusively designed spaces in our homes. But not a forever long closet. But now everything has its own place there. For example here’s an apartment which is currently remodeled by architect Jose Fabre inside his family home in Santa Monica. He spent over 10 years redesigning the place. The designer is Eley Maniscalco, a young Japanese-American from San Francisco. He was inspired by the nicknames planted by his stepister as “Daisy” and whenever one of his stepisters asks them, they will come again like she is heranny. Another great plus the closet shelves are very useful is the hanging racks which can store lots of things.

The Losers closet is also very modular. It has six interchangeable shelves but all of them are movable. This means that the closet can be redecorated according to the different needs of the owner. The colors are bright and simple. The shelves are movable too and they can be removed whenever you want to. There are two silver rails for the other three colors to change the decor. The Ikea closet is modular and flexible and this means it can change its function and design according to the needs of its new owner.

Open Closet Shelves With Hanging Racks Photo 2

The bottom unit has the shelves toward the ceiling so there’s more versatility in the case of a pullout closet. This unit really saves space. Any imperfections will bring more storage space and you can make them as small or as complex as you like.

The chairs can be moved around and this system makes it easy to rearrange the closet. For example, the chair can get extra storage space inside the unit when not used, when needed and other things. You can create your own modular storage system.

This closet is very versatile and can be adapted to fit a variety of cases and styles. The dimensions, however, don’t really matter. So you can just as well use this as your main piece of clothing. Maybe you could transform it into a quirky and fun piece to display in the bedroom.

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