Light Fixture For Dining Room

There are many beautiful light fixtures that you can find in almost every homes, but some of them are more famous than others. One of them and only one of them is the lighting fixture that has the power to change its form, shape , dimensions and also functions. For those who seek a special atmosphere and décor for dining room, this fixture is a great choice. The lighting fixture has a form that can’t go unnoticed, as it is made of blown glass, so made of glass. Its form is classic and graceful, feminine and graceful, all in one.

The light fixture’s design was inspired from the 17th century. The glass globes are at different heights and come together in a puzzle of sophistication. The designer was also an architect, a fan favorite of mid century modern design, where there are iconic pieces like the Eiffel Tower, Noguchi’s desk or Strand Lamp. In fact, in the mid century modern style, glass was often used to create the lighting fixtures. These wonderful and original lighting fixtures were very popular at the time and that “inspired the expression of modernism”, as we know it today.

The beauty of this design is that it combines the minimalism of most minimalist interiors with the romance of time-honored Scandinavian design. To me, this design looks more like a bedroom than like an actual dining room. The shape and form of the pendant lamp make it a perfect choice that adds a modern touch to any interior and gives a feeling of modernity. An important detail is represented by the exposed glass frame. This makes the atmosphere cozy, romantic and pleasant.

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