Barn Houses Interior Designs With A Touch Of Luxury

A barn is often the location where we build our homes. It has a humble yet sophisticated look, it is humble and it offers comfort. Barn houses offer you all the comfort you need while creating a simple, modern and pleasant environment and when you have a spacious home there’s no compare with apartments or houses. And, although some barn houses are more modern than others, there is one thing that needs to be kept in mind when building a barn house.

It’s exactly why the architects of Starck & Calsamiglia were careful to pick the materials and to design a simple and modern look. In other words, this is an interior designed in order to give it some personality. The barn doesn’t have a plain and plain shape. it’s a box that wasazed using glass windows.

Barn Houses Interior Designs With A Touch Of Luxury Photo 2

The attention to details is amazing. The house has a very simple but playful look and it seems very inviting because of the colorful treatment of the walls. The furniture is most of simple and casual and the overall look is stylish and charming. There’s also a nice balance between the white walls and floor and the rooms and the result is a bright and simple interior design.

As for the style, it’s a combination between modern and vintage elements. The vintage tables could be used as accessories but they have a rather boring look. To give them a fresh look, the owners opted for them wooden beoak but this is a choice that has been influenced by other pieces of furniture such as the dining room table from the 60s or those from the 19th century. The color palette is similar with that of the other houses from this area.{pics by Nelson Garrido}.

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