Barn Architecture Table By SO-AN

Copenhagen-based studio SO-AN has designed the Country Modern Table. It is a simple piece of furniture where natural materials have been combined resulting in a modern coffee table that can be used for seating.

Made of woods of teak, wood ash gray, oak, walnut, and ply, this table is a contemporary creation. The shape is reminiscent of a barn, but the materials used for its construction allow it to be manufactured manually, offering a more rustic look to the space.

The beautiful details that make this coffee table so special and warm are its size (10?H x 17?Sp x 14?D) and the fact that each slide opens with a independent Lawson-body corner. It is available in two sizes – small (9? H x 17?Sp x 14?D) and big (9? H x 19?Sp x 14?D). Check it out on SO-AN’s website.

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