Focus Night N Day Bed With Outdoor Shower And Cool-toned Bath

Today we would like to present you a bed that can transform from plain to very relaxing and fun. You can use it outdoors if you have a lot of friends over and want the calm and relaxation you need. It comes with a mattress that is specially designed for it and it helps to make it become one of the most popular outdoor beds you can find. It would be a great place for your guests to sit while having a bath.

The bed is made from exceptionally crafted high-quality New Zealand wool and it has a beautiful grey colour which reflects beautifully the breeze in the pool. The rails around the bed are incredibly thin and made of super fine New Zealand wool. It is a sophisticated piece of furniture, perfect for outdoor use. It will serve you for many years to come and you can yours, if expensive fitted and fittings are not your taste.The frame is constructed out of durableannel wood with metal legs. The legs have a powder-coated finish and will resist for small amounts of time. The bedside table can be used as a nightstand or any other type of end table . You have three drawers of six different sizes and you can purchase itON a five-year warranty. You can also purchase more accessories such as cushions, pillows and even bed frames and headboards available for $499.

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