Classic Contemporary Furniture Designed By Vischen

This collection of furniture designed by Vischen has a very nice look and those great lines that really make it stand out. I really like contemporary designs and I think we can definitely find something similar here. It’s definitely a great collection. The look is simple but it impresses with the great organization of the shapes and the simplicity of the design.

The collection features straight lines and simple forms and it doesn’t really have a color palette. The pieces seem to be made of wood very often treated with oil so they can only include the pieces that were designed by Vischen, a German designer. The collection is one of the few pieces of this style that stay true to its simple and friendly look and that do have an organic shape, that of moldings and theyve been treated to stay warm and cozy. It’s a very nice piece for the living room, for the bedroom or for the dining room. Make sure you place it close to a window or to a low level to avoid all the dust and it will look great while you admire its simple and modern design.Available for £1,099.

Classic Contemporary Furniture Designed By Vischen Photo 3

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