200 Sq Ft To M2 – A Tiny Cottage In A Mountainside Cube

There are some tiny homes which look out for our privacy and life without any protective shell. This cottage is one of those examples. It’s located in Lauttaro, in the mountains of Italy and it’s a tiny structure with only 2 m wide and 5 m high. It sits on a site which measures 3.54 m wide. The entire structure can be rented by the client who can transform it and personalize it according to his needs. The client’s main request was to create a simple, 1 bedroom and 1 bath home that would also have a minimal impact on the surroundings.

The house was designed by NOEM and it was completed in 2009. It was designed as a compact box. It sits on a 4000 square meter site and it’s situated in the mountains themselves, in the middle of the Voile National Park. The house is facing the mountain and it faces the beautiful landscape surrounding the structure. The client’s main requests for the house were simplicity and functionality. The house has a sloping atrium as a way to welcome guests in and to create a fresh indoor-outdoor environment. It also offers panoramic views of the surroundings.

The idea behind this project was to design a compact structure that would allow the client to bring the nature closer to his home but that would also feel like a part of the big house. The client was not the only one that was able to enjoy this idea. The architects were also equally interested in the final design, even though I’m referring to the designer’s portfolio.{found on designsponge and images by Thomas Diedhchmann and found on archdaily}

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