Midcentury Lighting Pieces That Are Functional And Beautiful At The Same Time

The interesting thing is that there are very many different styles and designs when it comes to lamps, pendants, chandeliers and other similar elements. That’s because each one of them is unique and has its own characteristics and special characteristics. This allows us, as designers, to adapt and to come up with new and innovative designs. They manage to do that with so many different styles and models.

One example would be the Penta lamp which was designed by Luca Dorghini and manufactured by Confabre. The entire lamp features a simple and yet very delicate and eye-catching design. The lines and elements are simple and not at all complicated. The lines and details are clean and simple but they create each other and the lamp is a wonderful addition for the home. In this case it pays homage to a starburst mirror frame. The frame is made of metal with multi-diminished aluminum plates. The lines and the actual design of the lamp are very accurate.

The design of the Lumière lamp is quite simple. It has a base metal round and it extends on the ceiling forming a rectangular rocker base. The design is simple but elegant. Given the simplicity of the forms and the simplicity of the lines, even the most complex of designs can stand out with its simplicity and sophistication.

In a modern design the design of the Bistro lighting fixture is defined by simplicity. The collection includes disposable plates and cups, each one being a plate attached to a wooden base. The design is interesting and original. The plates are colored in neutral colors and their structures are made of copper while the wooden base is made of stainless steel.

Even modern lighting fixtures such as the Faucet Collection from Atelier d’Architettura and Furni Otto Franci are minimalist. The collection features a series of simple shapes pendant lights, floor lamps and wall sconces with minimalist details and Pallad record for their designs.

The style of the Kistler table lamp designed byachlor is unusual for areas such as the bedroom or reading corner. The collection includes three variations, each featuring a matte white shade. They all share the three lettering and all have a white powdercoated metal exterior which makes them all lightweight while also creating a stylish contrast with the dark shade and the smoky glass.

The series of minimalist lamps gradually reveals itself as more and more geometric patterns were selected. The Louise collection by Azu Designs is one such example. You can see here the designs of the three series and all the lamps as a whole become one.

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