Inside Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

When decorating the kitchen, the way the designers chose to do it, is almost like being on the set of a show to see who came with the most innovative design ideas is very important. And since they have talent and experience, they came up with some great ideas, one being a genius combination of old and new and revolutionizing the way people use the kitchen.

Because of the innovative design and the imagination put in that time, the modern kitchen is now modern spaces where every little detail is important and where the attention to details is amazing. There are not so many chances of us picture a modern kitchen in a 1950s home, but, no time for that to be true, we have to take our eyes off the design, going back to the era when everything was revolutionary.

The furniture is minimalist and modern, the appliances are more modern and what we see today, are those innovative ideas that were implemented after the Modernism, that promoted a more flexible working place.

As soon as you step inside the kitchen it becomes so pleasant and welcoming that it makes you feel like home. The wide glass doors and windows let you enjoy the wide and bright atmosphere, that is a feeling worth admiring. Here, the designers used plastered furniture and old musical instruments, not only for making the visitors think how effective the instrument is.

Inside Kitchen Cabinets Ideas Photo 4

Unique decorative elements like that “I don’t know what you’re trying, but I don’t see what you’re spending your money on. It’s a great piece!”

The combination of materials and finishes, as well as the use of white as the dominant color, give this place a homey, comfortable feeling, balancing the lightness with the/-lightness of wood.

You probably won’t notice that the bathroom is also white. It’s a little dark, especially in bathrooms which creates an air of comfort and intimacy, but this bathroom doesn’t avoid the contrasts either. The white floor continues onto walls, and stands out against the marble vanity top. To be honest, I was wondering, why are you using that mirror piece in the bathroom?

Past the mirror piece you have the open bathroom.

The subtle insertion of the plastered furniture gives this bathroom a particularly warm feeling.

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