How To Make A Brick Fireplace Look Modern And Chic

If you prefer to paint the fireplace wall white and to use white for the walls instead of the mantel then you might want to decorate the fireplace with brick. This is a trend that has found a very strong momentum so it’s only increasing but it’s not the only option. So what could you do in this case? It’s a very simple solution that instantly gives you the impression of cleanliness and style.

Obviously, you would just want the fireplace to blend in and to stay simple. White is a great color for a fireplace and it doesn’t mean the whole décor has to be white. It can be a challenge but not have to be boring. You can choose a bold color and vibrant colors. It’s a fun alternative that’s not exactly the classic and traditional look. Also, such a fireplace can be bought or you can alternative such a DIY project.

And since white is such a difficult color, why not use it for inspiration and design? Because on a white background you can create all sorts of designs and patterns and still create a minimalist and opulent look. There are also lots of other colors that can be combined in such a way to create eye-catching combinations. If you want to add a little simplicity to your fireplace, a pastel color is probably the best choice.

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There are all sorts of ways in which you can take white into the kitchen. You can replace the wallboard with wallpaper, panels, wallpaper, paint, murals or basically anything else white be it wallpapered to the ceiling. However, to make the interior décor look less cold and austere you can add wooden furniture or linens and pair it with black flooring to create contrast.

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Of course, not all kitchens are suitable for a white fireplace. There’s also the possibility of adding color to it. For example, you can replace your wall-mounted cabinetry with a colorful open plan kitchen. Put some color on the walls, some green and colorful furniture or home accessories , a soft and comfortable chair or pouf.

White interior decors are not suitable for all types of spaces. The possibilities are not only for small kitchens but for large and modern homes too but for the ones who want to keep everything simple and neutral.

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