Small Minimalist Bedroom Design By Inbar Paradny Kalomidi

At only 40m2 and only 60m2 including two double bedrooms, this tiny apartment is just charming. It’s a very small decoration and it only measures 55 M. 2 / 2.7 ft sq + 21.5 L. 0. The total area we can visit is located in the north end of the building where the elevator is located. There are so many interesting and beautiful places in there. The minimalist interior was designed by Inbar Paradny Kalomidi and it’s the result of ad creativity and clever planning.

The conversion of this space was not only a financial decision but a more conscious one, taking advantage of the place it’s currently in thanks to its charming character and charm. It was a difficult decision that resulted in this being a beautiful and very practical creation. The minimalism of the design is balanced out by the warmth of the wood envelopes. The walls and the ceilings are painted white, a neutral color that’s perfect for this space.

The minimalistic interior is completed through white walls and ceilings and through a wooden floor that covers the whole building. The floors extend horizontally and there are less contrasting shapes everywhere. Several types of plants and patterned pieces are used as accent features. The whole apartment is beautiful and inviting and the only thing missing is the bed. It really does look like a comfortable and very cozy platform. We could live like a couple.

Small Minimalist Bedroom Design By Inbar Paradny Kalomidi Photo 3

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