Rustic Chic Bedroom With Wall-mounted Nightstands And Smart Storage For The Capsule

When you only have one wish in mind you usually hear many forms of advice, design features and stories. Privacy can become a problem, when nothing else says your wish more than occasionally. A capsule apartment would be perfect for that. This is a bedroom designed by Y disposal, a studio specialized in interior design and architecture. The team recently chose a minimalist, contemporary look for the bedroom as a way to balance beauty and comfort.

The designer goal was to make the apartment better harmonious, to create an inviting and relaxing environment but with also to follow a sustainable approach while also eliminating waste. The apartment was completely prefabricated and then brought to the present state of immaculate design. It was assembled using almost exclusively of new/ recyclable materials only. In this pristine and simple world many of us couldn’t help but be inspired by what the designer had to offer.

The apartment includes only the finest materials. The main structure is insulated and high performance glazing ensures a pleasant and pleasant indoor-outdoor temperature. Solar panels and the like are installed throughout the apartment in order to provide the necessary energy heating and ventilation needs. Nothing is left exposed to the elements so no insulation is included. The balcony is made of recycled materials and is sheltered from any potential flooding.

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The apartment was also designed around a water trough provided by Land Green and other ecologically sensitive agencies. Even the toilet is sustainable. It features a solar water collector, water tanks and a waste bin.

Rustic Chic Bedroom With Wall-mounted Nightstands And Smart Storage For The Capsule Photo 4

In addition, the apartment features underfloor heating while underfloor and underfloor heating is also common in the apartment. This detail ensures a high level of comfort where dirty things are not put out. All the furniture is either painted,hracked or upholstered in fine silk or satin or stained e beige lacquer. In addition, the spaciousness of the rooms makes the transition between daytime and night zones almost seamless.

In addition to making the apartment visually appealing and welcoming, the designers aimed for a practical and functional use of the space in the interior design of the apartment. The clients requested a clean space that best deals with the lack of foot traffic in the kitchen, laundry room, office, stable and other spaces. The entry and the landing of the stairwell meet to some degree, with double height and a landing that cantilevers into a portion of the kitchen floor that is the storage area. The counter is typically used for eating, which made the kitchen a good design choice.

On the other hand, the laundry room and the bar/shoe cabinet are often closed off and deal with rainwater runoff by the counter on the kitchen island. To solve this problem the structural walls have to be pushed up against the structural beams. In addition, the structural frame board is detailed specifically for this type of installation. The integrated LED light is used in the custom millwork and the sliding door is made of triple-pane glass and the stair railings are pendant lights.

The master bedroom, bathroom, office, library and guest bathroom are all connected by a bridge with the stairway between the two bedrooms. The master bath has custom millwork, doors with wood beads, large mirror that indicates height and beveled edges and the powder room is situated behind the kitchen at the back of the main building, in front of the kitchen. The sink floor is tiled in the same material as the kitchen. The ceiling is made of the same tiled dry stone as the kitchen.”

Photos by: Amit Geron

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