Modern Door Wreaths

If you like flowers or certain plants and outdoor decorations and you don’t realize it, they can make very beautiful wreaths, especially when it’s nice outside. It’s nice to be able to admire and enjoy them both without having to open and enjoy them for hours. It’s not such a great idea when the weather is bad and you must get up and take care of all the flowers, but it could be nice to enjoy them both without any problems. It’s not a very difficult project, as long as you have the necessary ingredients and wine bottles. Here’s a list with the materials you’ll need.

1. Bottle glass bottles.

First let’s explain what we are here for. The project refers to a bottle that’s been filled with water. The water is a decorative element and it can be purely decorative. It can be used as a vase, a wall decoration, just hanging it on the wall. The water will probably always be in the back anyway so it should be pretty cool.

Modern Door Wreaths Photo 2

This particular bottle was also filled with water. You should first try to find a good place for the two bottles and maybe find a permanent location for them on one of the walls if the bottles go near each other. Then let them overlap to make room for taller bottles and to secure the bottles. The bottles will look pretty and robust until you fill them. This can be done by either hand or using a hammer. Attaching the bottles to the wall or your local hardware store may be more efficient.

2. Wooden crate.

Here’s another similar project. This time it’s a crate. You can use it as a vase. You can use several of these to make a bouquet of flowers that look approximately similar. They need to be somewhat tall and you’ll need the vase for that. First take a piece of wood and, with some glue, secure the bottom of the crate with two plastic belt hooks. Then take a jar or any other type of glass bottle and fill it with water. Allow the flowers to dry for 24 hours.{found on lowes}.

3. Wooden box.

Here’s another version of a simple but very simple and chic wine box. You can personalize this project as you wish. First of all, gather the wine bottles. Then select the ones you want to use. Insert them in the bottom of the crate. Lift the lids and use metallic steel wire and nails to make the lids. You can paint them or create patterns. Then make the pull nails to adhere them to the crates.{found on wildflowersandpitt}.

Another project that uses wine bottles can be found on liagriffith. Here, you’ll see that the first step will be to glue the bottles together. But then let’s see how you can make them look pretty and glue them one by one. Of course, as the project gets more complicated, it can turn out to be much easier.

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