Modern House Plans With Pool In The Gardens

The house itself and all the rooms are open to the beautiful surroundings, to the sunlight and the nice views. The house was built in the garden of a small beach town in Russia. The owner wanted to have as much interaction with the nature there as possible. The house was designed by Unk Project. The designer, Alexey Tikhavhemvyc, saw the clear need to integrate the pool into the whole design. The pool connects the gardens in a very clear way. The garden was enlarged by installing multiple levels.

The first level is basically a cantilever. It’s supported by raw bronze plated steel columns. A big portion of this level is underneath the glass roof that lets you see the surroundings. The second level is much larger and even heavier and they include a hotel, a pool house, a store and a rooftop restaurant. This is actually a multi-functional building that includes commercial, recreational and industrial functions plus a big parking space. The structure is very interesting and the pool performs both as a wellness and as a swimming pool for the whole house. The house has a total indoor use of 110 square meters and a floor heating system that heating is connected to the ground floor with hot water in winter. This allows the house to use the pool and to further emphasize the house as a giant spa.{found on contemporist}.

Modern House Plans With Pool In The Gardens Photo 2

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