Floating Boat House In A Bay Off Auckland

If we’re to pick a specific location for an outdoor summer retreat, we already have thought about the vast areas surrounded by water and the vast shelters which can be created by boats. SoFlo Architects, currentão nelaptopDAU Arquitectos, owner of floathotel in El Salvador, came up with the idea of designing a summer house on a rocky area overlooking a bay. It’s a sort of home taken from a Caribbean retreat, more appropriate to the area and the artist’s sailboat.

The concept of the project was inspired by the unique rocky environment and the elements coming from it. The sail-shaped structure offers either a semi-permanant spaciousness or coziness just by float waving and warming up its interiors. The main living area is situated on the uppermost point, just below the roof terrace. Opposite the seating area there is an ice bar and next to that there is an ice chest cabinet with all the drawers for bottles, ice shelf, skates and all sorts of other objects.

Even the bathroom has its own]: protected and cozy, with a large walk-in shower by the vanity and a washbasin. Long curtains create a soft and pleasant atmosphere and, at the same time, they contribute to an overall very welcoming atmosphere.

Floating Boat House In A Bay Off Auckland Photo 4

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