Build Underground House In North Korea With Bunk Beds

This unusual building is located in the North Korea – of Seoul, in a garden community with great importance for the preservation of traditional nature. The building itself is built with a specific intention in mind these days when everything is made on a specific plan. It stands at the edge of a geologic reserve and it naturally integrates itself with the surrounding landscape. From there it stands its form – the construction as if made on a piece. You could call the concrete house “building material.” It is buried into the slope, preserving all its tufa- inclines. The shape of the construction is meant to follow the natural shape of the fife and represents the key element. The roof and side walls protrude like tiny bricks and were designed in the shape of the fife, in a dual way. The living space was buried into the slope and the walls behind it. The vertical circulation is all alongside the entrance, a process that raises various new challenges. This wonderful and simple house was designed by a couple – a designer and a homeowner. Using the usual methods for doing such work, they came up with a unique house design that integrates the surrounding fife and does not allow them to cut the garden in half, inside a hilly ground.

Build Underground House In North Korea With Bunk Beds Photo 2

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