Unusual Bathroom Sinks From Lonny House

An all organic sink, that must be good enough to please the customers, is not an easy thing to do. However, when you see the work that we have now going on we do not want to waste a second. As I’m sure you know he name is good enough to be considered as a cinema set! This unusual bathroom sink, called “Lonsny House” comes from the famous animated movie “anywhere in the sunshine”. Can I really say that?

The sink was designed by Italian company Lonny and it looks really nice. It’s a bathroom sink with an edge that isn’t usually found in this houses. The wooden bottom might not be the most attractive part, but it adds an unique touch to the whole room. The edge support is perfect and the combination of spiraling and satin quality makes the sink look really great. It looks like a pyramid and the white color makes you think it’s climbing. The white color and the satin quality makes the sink the perfect choice for any bathroom. You can even put it in your kitchen and use it as a regular sink the same way. Just make sure it’s nice and nice.

Unusual Bathroom Sinks From Lonny House Photo 3

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