Small Pool House Designs By Ecostudio Architects

Ecostudio Architects have designed the Mirrace project for a client located in Del Edal, Santiago, Chile. Although the house is small (90 m2), perfect for a family of only 9 members, it manages to integrate perfectly into the landscape and at the same time to blend in, hence the name. The Mirrace designed by Ecostudio Architects was actually a prototype for a residential project, probably at least. So here are some photos of the design and all the technical aspects that together with the modern technical system will define this small and ingenious house.

The idea was to create an architecture that maximizes the relationship between inside and outside, so that the gardens will provide protection. During the design, Ecostudio Architects tried to simulate that perfect connection between physical and virtual space, that is to the side of the house, the garden side. They tried to offer an appropriate space for receiving the guests during their holiday, but without being overwhelmed with the size. It is this connection of space that defines the unique privacy area.

Someone was inspired by the labyrinths of ana-da Nur in Bangkok, but created a space that allows concentrated impression of self belonging, and this is combined with refined lighting and design that create a positive impression and make the guests feel comfortable.

Small Pool House Designs By Ecostudio Architects Photo 3

For those who come to appreciate the value placed in all services, other great qualities were also granted to this splendid oasis of private rooms, which opens itself onto the splendid and comfortable outdoor space. The infrastructure was built with concrete slabs, so easy to be built, but in spite of the contemporary aspect, the house is built contemporary design. The modern design is carefully combined with the environment thanks to the strategic use of wood and this material is eco-friendly. Each of the rooms offers wide open view of the surrounding landscape, making it an ideal place for relaxing and doing different activities.

Small Pool House Designs By Ecostudio Architects Photo 4

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